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Per our testing it is recommended to only drink (1) bottle per day in a 5 day period to get the best results.


Over consumption of more than the recommended amount may cause serious side effects based on your health condition.

The formula contains a dosage of 1,150 mg combined. See the break down  listed below:

+ Soursop Leaf  - 500 mg

+ Bladderwrack - 242 mg

+ Irish Sea Moss - 383 mg

+ Burdock Root  - 25 mg

To obtain the best results we recommend a low fat diet with proper nutrition & exercise to accompany the supplement.


This product can be taken with or without food based on your body's tolerance to herbal medicine on an empty stomach, but we highly recommend it being taken with food to avoid possible side effects of cramping due to the product having appetite suppressant properties.


We are not promoting a weight loss supplement, this specific blend is a immunity booster that can aid in better overall health. 

This product is plant based, all natural herbs, no additives, no preservatives, no fillers. 



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